Damian Miller

General Manager, QHSET

Damian has over 20+ years International experience in North/ South America, South East Asia, Africa and Europe where he held executive roles in Quality Assurance and Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.  




Sahar Hosseini

Technical Quality Specialist/ Lead Auditor

Sahar was appointed in 2017. She brings a high level technical approach to quality with her background in Metallurgy, ISO 17025 (Lab standards), ISO 9001. Sahar is a Professional Member of IPENZ and Chartered Professional Engineer in New Zealand and was recently nominated to the Australia/ New Zealand Steel Joint Standards Committee for steel reinforcing and pre-stressing materials



Dirk Coetzee

Quality Compliance and Training Specialist

Dirk was appointed in 2017 and has responsibility for the company’s ISO quality programme. He is an experienced quality assurance/ Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) practitioner, and previously worked in the aviation sector, an industry with some of the highest quality compliance requirements.



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