About us

From the floor under your feet to the roof over your head, and the nuts and bolts in between - we have been here building New Zealand from the ground up since 1953.


We are a proud New Zealand company - locally owned by every day New Zealanders - and staffed with passionate kiwis that really care for this country and all we stand for. Our people are our greatest strength - the steel backbone of our company. We're passionate, innovative, capable and proud of what we do.

We have expertise right across the construction industry - and love nothing more than helping our partners to create better projects and build better outcomes. Like the rest of the country we have been through the wringer at times - but we have worked hard to come out stronger and better equipped to create a positive future. Now we are in a great position - and we believe that New Zealand is too.

As a listed company we have strong governance and we're on a sound financial footing. We have an amazing team of people and truly believe that we are stronger when we all work together. We have brought together a group of experts and capabilities from brands that you may have known for a long time - all under one roof with a reach right across the country.

We are ready to go - it's GAME ON.


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