Corporate governance at Steel & Tube is predicated on high standards of ethics and performance, and is achieved through robust governance policies, practices and processes to ensure compliance with the NZX Listing Rules.

The Board regularly reviews Steel & Tube’s governance structures and processes to identify opportunities for enhancement, ensure they are consistent with best practice and reflect Steel & Tube’s operations.

The corporate governance policies, practices and processes followed by the Board are set out below:


Board Committees and Charters

Board Charter


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Committee

Members: Susan Paterson (Chair), Anne Urlwin, John Beveridge

Health & Safety Policy

Environment Committee Policy

Rehabilitation Policy


Audit and Risk Committee

Members: Anne Urlwin (Chair), Steve Reindler, John Beveridge

Audit Risk Committee Charter

Auditor Independence Policy

Risk Management Policy


Governance and Remuneration           

Members: Steve Reindler (Chair), Susan Paterson, Chris Ellis

Governance Remuneration Committee Charter

Remuneration Policy

Diversity Policy


Nominations Committee

Members: Susan Paterson (Chair), Chris Ellis, Anne Urlwin, Steve Reindler, John Beveridge

Nominations Committee Charter


Other Key Governance Policies