Steel & Tube is New Zealand’s leading provider of steel solutions and a proud New Zealand company with over 60 years of trading history in this country. With a national network of branches and distribution centres, S&T engages in markets and projects across infrastructure, construction (commercial and residential), heavy and light engineering, energy, manufacturing, viticulture and rural sectors.

The company distributes and manufactures steel products – from nuts, bolts, nails, piping, roofing and farm fencing, to the largest structural steel products used in commercial construction, such as purlins, girts, joists, universal beams and seismic mesh.

S&T’s stable of best-in-class businesses are leading suppliers of stainless, engineering steel, fastenings, and irrigation products and services in the country. They include S&T Stainless, Manufacturing Suppliers Ltd (MSL), S&T Plastics and Composite Floor Decks Limited (CFDL).

Our 'One Company' operating model leverages our key strengths - our extensive product range, expertise and geographic reach. We work together with an unprecedented focus on our customer satisfaction. 

Whatever your project size, large or small, we are pleased to offer you our total steel product range and service.

Call us on 0800 478 335 or visit one of our branches and let us help provide your steel solutions.