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ComFlor 80

Long-span capability:

  • Reduced construction costs due to large spanning capability.
  • The large corner curvature detail provides a very efficient profile.In conjunction with the higher grade of steel, it ensures unpropped spans of up to 4.00m simply supported and in the continuous condition, can achieve spans of up to 5.20m.
  • Gauge options of 0.75mm to 1.20mm to suit the particular span.
  • Propped spans over 6.50m are also possible using bottom steel.

Cost efficient:

  •  large spans achievable mean less structural steel is required reducing the overall construction cost.
  •  concrete usage means that ComFlor® 80 is very economical compared to similar decks..

Keep it simple

  • Stud placement ensures correct stud location. The centralised stud position ensures optimum capacity of the shear connectors, enhancing composite action, whilst reducing the need for site checking of stud location. The result is a saving on beam weights and reduced construction risk.

Acoustic and fire performance

  • Fire ratings up to 4 hours are possible with ComFlor 80
  • Excellent acoustic properties

Safer manual handling

  • The cover width of ComFlor® 80 is 600mm. This reduces sheet weight and improves handling.