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We strive to deliver effective solutions that meet the changing needs of the New Zealand market.

We introduced several leading products and services this year, including a high-performance pipe support system, new-generation concrete reinforcing, and a stronger and more economical metal roofing profile. 

Sikla Piping Support Systems

Sikla’s commercial and heavy-load pipe support solutions offer a major technological advantage over one-off welded structures. The modular systems can be installed or removed in a fraction of the time required to prepare, pre-assemble and mount traditional pipe supports. These are available in several formats, including sliding, guided and fixed-point clamps.
For more information about Sikla, please call us on 0800 478 335 and ask for your local Piping Specialist.

Commercial Roofing Profile: ST963

Our new ST963 metal roofing profile fulfils an opportunity for an effective commercial roofing product with stronger rib design, greater buckling resistance and a wider cover-to-strength character than any comparable profile on the market.
For more information about ST963 or our wide range of roofing, cladding and rainwater products please call us our sales team on 0800 427 663, for technical information on 0800 333 247 or visit

ComFlor: The world's finest composite steel floor decks

ComFlor, the new genration in composite steel floor decking systems joined Steel & Tube in 2014, bringing the world of steel-framed, high performance construction closer to you.

ComFlor's primary application is in composite construction, where optimised deck spans and long span composite beams allow architectural freedom. There are 3 profiles available to suit a wide range of applications for example: Offices, Hotels, Apartments, Houses, Hospitials, Car Parks, Warehouses and Retail Centres.

ComFlor provides significant project benefits over conventional flooring methods such as: Cost Efficient, New Zealand Manufactured, Technical Support, Fully Tested, Proven Seismic Performance, Fire Rating, Simplicity and Ease of Installation.

To find out more about ComFlor or to discuss your project requirements, please call us on 09 271 1780 or visit our website: