Tests produce a stronger roofing profile

Steel & Tube’s latest roofing product underwent a rigorous battery of tests before it was ready to be released onto the market. 

ST963 roofing profile is quite different to traditional high-rib roofing profiles. Its design enhances strength to resist stresses at the top of the rib and the concave web increases buckling resistance and contributes to increased bending stiffness.

At 963mm, ST963 has a wider cover-to-strength character than comparable profiles and is more cost effective because it uses metal more efficiently and can be installed over a larger area in a shorter period of time. It’s also easier to work with and is less likely to be damaged during installation or later in the construction process.

But achieving such a good combination of characteristics was not easy. 

The process began by choosing candidates from several concept designs and using detailed computer models to study their performance. Four designs were then hand prototyped and put through a series of physical tests. Two designs then entered the final stage, where accurate prototypes were made using full-sized manufacturing equipment. These were tested using a battery of precise load, wind and real-world performance tests. 

The best profile to emerge was developed into ST963, Steel & Tube’s latest commercial roofing product, which was released into full production earlier this year.