Steel & Tube customers and some of our wide range of products will be on display March 17-19 at Central Districts Fieldays, Manfield Park, Fielding.

Thursday and Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm, Saturday 8:30am - 4:00pm.

With over 30,000 adult visitors in 2015 and 540+ displays, Central Districts Field Days (CDF) is the largest regional agricultural field days in the country, providing a chance to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and agricultural developments in rural innovation agribusiness and agri-tech.

Over three days Central Districts Field Days boasts an exciting lineup of entertainment, including crowd favourite competitions; the Tractor Pull, the National Excavator Championships, and the Central Districts Double Power fencing competition!

To find out more about Central Districts Field Days, please click on the link;


CustomerProduct RangeSite NumberWebsite
Brent Smith Trailers LtdLogsplitters, Trailers & Associated ProductS29, S30, S31www.brentsmithtrailers.co.nz
Bromley Dairy & PumpsAgricultural Equipment, Dairy & Associated Products, Effluent Tanks/Equip/DisposalE14, E15, F14, F15www.bromleys.co.nz
C-Dax LtdAgricultural Equipment, Fertilisers Spreaders, Future Farming, Spray Equip & ApplicatorsE25, E26, E27www.c-dax.com
Combi Clamp Ltd.Cattle & Associated Products, Dairy & Associated Products, Gates & Accessories, Sheep Products & Equipment, Weighing Systems, Yards & PensO17, O18www.combiclamp.co.nz
Farm Supplies (Central) LtdAgricultural Equipment, Farming SuppliesH25, H26www.farmsupplies.co.nz
Fivestar Kennels & RunsAnimal Shelters, ShedsK7www.fivestar.org.nz
King Cattle EquipmentYards & PensS52 
Kiwi Cattle YardsSoilersH33, H34www.kiwicattleyards.co.nz
MacDougallsAgricultural & Dairy Supplies, Dairy Sheds, Effluent & Water, ReticulationG22, G23www.macdougalls.co.nz
Snapchill LtdRefrigeration equipment. Milk Pre-chilling systemsO55www.snapchill.co.nz
WaterForceEffluent Tanks/Equip/Disposal, Irrigation, Pumps – Effluent & Water etc, ReticulationS2www.waterforce.co.nz
Buildlink Group LtdBuildings, Building & Fencing SuppliesA37www.buildlink.co.nz
Tumu ITMBuilding & Fencing SuppliesO53, O54www.tumuitm.co.nz
Turton Farm Supplies LtdFarm Supplies, Building & Fencing SuppliesB25, B26, B27, B28www.turtons.co.nz