Steel & Tube excel to help remember our past

Steel & Tube excel to help remember our past

In 2016, the Auckland RSA contacted Steve Archer, manager of Steel & Tube North Harbour, looking for help to manufacture 8,000 steel rods.

The rods were used to support a field of white crosses at the Auckland War Memorial to commemorate the 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day in 2016. Each wooden cross required two rods to support and stake it at the correct height and orientation. The crosses had to be installed in time for ANZAC Day.

“Of course, we said we could help them out. We approached our contractors all over Auckland until one generously let us use their cutting machines. It was a big job for that time frame, but we got it done” says Steve.

The RSA was so pleased with the outcome that a few months later they asked for help manufacturing another 48,000 rods in time for the Armistice Day centenary in November 2018.

Steve agreed, however the logistics of cutting, packing and transporting that quantity of steel on a voluntary basis were much more challenging.

“Again, we approached local businesses, but the price was either too high, or a time frame that would miss the 2018 deadline. The team in Auckland put their heads together and set up a drop-saw and cutting fixture on-site, and we cut the rod ourselves in bundles of 50 at a time.”

It worked very well and over the next two months Steve cut all 48,000 lengths of rod in his own time.

“We delivered the last lot in November 2016, two years ahead of the deadline. The RSA couldn’t believe we’d managed to get it done so quickly” he says. “It look a bit of lateral thinking in this case, but once we commit to a job, we make sure it gets done”.

Congratulations to Steve and the Steel & Tube North Harbour team for this contribution to the Armistice Day commemorations.