Reo Morphs into Stunning Stag Sculpture

Napier artist, Glen Colechin, has always had a personal vision of creating a full-sized Stag.  So, when he was tasked with creating a sculpture for the Kings College art show in 2019, Glen was given the perfect opportunity to bring this creative vision to life. 

When it came to choosing materials for this special project, Glen purchased all his products from Steel & Tube in Napier, with the help of a good friend and Steel & Tube staff member, Alysha Bateman. He chose to use black steel Reo products so that when the product weathers and rusts, it would match the beautiful copper aesthetic Glen had envisioned. The reo also “gave the line a rough look” according to the artist himself. Glen chose two different thicknesses of Reo, which he bent by hand, and welded himself in his garage. When folding the product, Glen moulded the products to match the chalk outline of a stag skeleton, which he had sketched on the floor in his garage. The bulk of the main stag structure was created by bending the product around a lamp post on his street; living up to the iconic kiwi DIY nature. 

When it came to installing the project on site, Glen made pegs out of Steel & Tube Reo, once again, which were used to hold the stag in place whilst transporting the sculpture to Kings College for display. The sculpture sold in less than 10 minutes at the art show - a record for Glen. It is now being displayed on a winery on Waiheke Island.

Glen also does a lot of work with copper tube, and Steel and Tube intends on using one of these cycling pieces as the trophy for our Club 100 Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.