Tips for working from home

1. Get dressed
 There’s no need to don a suit and shine your shoes for a day of remote work – and it may seem obvious but do get out of your pyjamas and put on something that makes you feel ready for the day.

2. Create a Space
If you are sharing your home with others, try not to work in the living room or high traffic areas , creating a separate space where you can remote work is valuable – it could even be your bedroom. If there are kids around this is even more important. If possible, include daylight, views, good lighting and ergonomic furniture – especially a good chair. Easy access to power and internet is crucial. 

3. Focus 
It’s easy to get distracted by chores and other people when working from home. Create a routine and schedule that works for you. Establish times when you will focus only on work and breaks when you can allow home distractions. 

4. Schedule Breaks
It’s important to give yourself time during the day to leave the computer screen. Make sure you have morning and afternoon tea breaks, along with lunch. When you’re busy it’s tempting to carry on and not take a break, but it’s good for your brain and eyes to have time out. Re-hydrate, step outside and get some fresh air and, if you are lucky, a little sun. Take some of the time you are saving by not commuting to do something good for your health – walk, exercise or read.

5. Show your face
A lot of people will be working remotely for an extended period, so make sure you don’t isolate too much, don’t be shy, show your face and use the video option in software your company is using for remote work. (Another good reason to not stay in pyjamas all day!)

6. Don’t forget to socialise
When everyone suddenly starts working from home, you’re cutting off a lot of the casual social interactions you’re used to having throughout the day. Remember when you’re on a call or video it’s okay to have a bit of office chit chat and fun, and whilst it’s a big thing for everyone try not to just talk entirely about Coronavirus

7. Remain fluid
This may be a new way of working with your team or customers. Continually, look for ways to make things better and adjust them if need be.


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