Mobile Lifting Equipment Testing Service



Lighten the Load of Compliance.


Our on-site testing service is efficient, convenient and will give you peace of mind. 

  • Nation-wide Service

  • On-site Compliance Testing

  • Fully Trained Specialist Technicians Certification and Tagging

  • Testing Reminders

  • Register


Steel & Tube’s 10 Point Offer


1 Audit

When you sign a testing agreement with us we will visit each site, introduce ourselves, our services and review all equipment and applications. Our technicians are specialists who can offer recommendations and solutions.

2 Create Register

A critical requirement of lifting equipment procedure is that a register be created. It must contain ALL lifting equipment required by the Department of Labour to be recorded, along with the relevant details such as a unique identification number,
lifting capacity, the last testing date and next date due. We will create, maintain and update the register for you so you meet this important requirement, and it is accessible to you online.

3 Reminders and Testing Bookings

We will contact you one month prior to any equipment being due for inspection and arrange a suitable date and time for testing to be carried out. This helps make sure that nothing gets missed and is especially helpful when equipment may be away off your site, so you can choose timing that suits you. 

4 We Come to You - Nationwide

Steel & Tube have a fleet of testing vans for up to 30 tonne proof load, operating around the country covering most areas. We know that many of our customers work on remote sites and it’s not feasible for you to transport lifting equipment to “the city” for certification – so we come to you. Onsite testing of course also reduces downtime wherever your business or equipment is.

Note: For Tensile Testing up to 40 tonnes, this service can be provided off-site at your local Steel & Tube branch. Either you deliver or we can organise a product pick-up.

5 Testing Specialists

Steel & Tube’s technicians are skilled specialists able to offer their expertise and provide the right solutions and advice if required. We employ a full-time Compliance Manager whose sole role is to audit existing technicians and train new technicians to ensure compliance. And we make sure our technicians are well equipped; each van is self-sufficient and contains a 30 tonne testing bed capable of carrying out testing for items requiring proof load testing.

6 Tagging

All items tested and found to be compliant are tagged with item identification, lifting capacity, test date and next due test date. At any time, your people can see if the lifting equipment they are using is current and compliant. 

7 Update Register

All testing carried out is immediately updated onsite into the electronic testing register. The register records the locations and status of all items, including any that may have failed a test. The register is accessible online realtime for your convenience.

8 New Lifting Products

To ensure the lifting register is always current, Steel & Tube will arrange with you a suitable procedure to ensure that the register is updated whenever you purchase new lifting equipment. 

If the product is purchased from Steel & Tube, we will automatically tag and record it in the register. However, if it’s purchased from elsewhere, we need to help make sure that it is tagged and recorded.

9 Same Day Certification

Test certificates are available on site at the time of testing or can be stored electronically for future reference. 

10 Costs

Our pricing  is clear and straight forward, with set rates for proof load or visual testing and associated tags. This means it’s easy for you to track and budget your annual compliance costs. 


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