NZ Standards

The Standards Association of New Zealand controls the preparation and publication of all Standard Specifications and Codes of Practice in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Standards mentioned in this section control the mechanical properties of the steel wire used for concrete reinforcement, the fabrication of the welded fabric and the methods of application in respect to concrete reinforcement.

Further information can be obtained from:

Standards Association of New Zealand, Private Bag 2439, Wellington 6020.


AS/NZS 4671:2001

Steel reinforcing materials

The welded fabrics offered in this publication are manufactured to comply with the requirements of this joint Standard.

Seismic Construction Meshes are fabricated from 500E grade steel to specifications listed in the structural section, Table 6B of the Standard.

Hard Drawn Wire Meshes are fabricated from 500L grade steel to specifications listed in the non-structural section, Table 6B of the Standard.



Code of Practice for the Design of Concrete Structures

This Standard lays out the development length and lap-splice requirements for plain wire fabric and deformed wire fabric and is the basis of any pertinent calculations or recommendations given in this publication.