For the installation of service hangers in ComFlor® 60 and ComFlor® 80 profiles.


Efficient Installation – Use of the M10 Wedge Nut eliminates the need for any drilling, reducing installation time.

Easy Onsite Adjustment – Allowing the contractor to retrofit services, without the requirement for further penetrations.


Tested by an independent approved laboratory.


Working Load: 2.8kN (Gravity Load)

Material: Bright Leaded Free Cutting Steel
AISI 12L14

Finish: Zinc Plated

Product Code: M10WN


1 Thread the flange nut and washer on to the fixing end of the threaded rod assembly as shown in Fig A.

2 Thread the M10 Wedge Nut onto the fixing end of the threaded rod until the rod meets the reverse side of the Wedge Nut as shown in Fig B.

3 Insert the Wedge Nut into the dovetail of the ComFlor® profile as shown in Fig C.

4 Begin threading the rod through the Wedge Nut until the rod meets the top of the dove tail forcing the Wedge Nut to twist and lock into position.

5 Once the Wedge Nut is firmly secured, thread the flange nut and washer towards the underside of the ComFlor® profile to lock the fixing in place as shown in Fig D.

6 Installation is complete, Fig E.


The finished install must contain a M10 x 40 mm x 3.0mm round washer and M10 serrated flange nut in order to comply with the tested installed method.


For more information about this product or to discuss your project requirements, please call us on 0800 478 335. 


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