Mechanical Limations


Welded Wire Fabric is produced from a series of longitudinal and transverse steel wires, resistance welded at all intersections.

The manufacturing process can be varied to accommodate various style changes and dimensions. (However, consideration should be given to the complexity of the change). The manufacturing variables are listed in the general order of time involved, starting with the most time consuming.

(a) Longitudinal wire spacing

(b) Width of sheet

(c) Side and end overhangs

(d) Transverse wire spacing

(e) Transverse wire size

(f) Longitudinal wire size

(g) Length of sheet.

The more difficult machine changes require greater quantities per item in order to offset the additional production time required.

Generally, it is more economical to order a few basic sheet sizes and styles than to specify many variations in the sheet.


The following maximum dimensions are given as a guide but may be subject to regional variations due to differences in plant.

Maximum overall width = 2700mm

Maximum overall length = 7000mm

Maximum number of longitudinal wires = 36