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ComFlor SR

ComFlor SR – Dovetail re-entrant floor deck with a virtually flat soffit

ComFlor SR – Spans: propped
  • 0.75 mm, up to 6.20m*
  • 0.90 mm, up to and in some cases over 6.30m*
  • 1.00 mm, up to and in some cases over 6.40m*
  • 1.25 mm, up to and in some cases over 6.50m*
ComFlor SR – Spans: unpropped
  • 0.75 mm, up to 2.80m*
  • 0.90 mm, up to and in some cases over 3.10m*
  • 1.00 mm,up to and in some cases over 3.50m*
  • 1.25 mm, up to and in some cases over 3.70m*
  • Multi-storey high-rise buildings.
  • Residential dwellings.
  • Apartments building.
  • Hotel and accommodation.


Long-span capability:
  • Gauge options 0.75 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.00 mm to 1.25 mm to suit the particular span.
  • Optimised profile design gives exceptional unpropped (double) spanning capability of over 3.90 metres, reducing structural steel requirements and hence cost.
Cost efficient:
  • Fire testing allows 120 minutes without using bottom steel.
  • Stiffer profile means less deflection during construction leading to greater site safety and cost savings in concrete.
Keep it simple
  • The profile design guarantees central shear stud positioning to optimise composite action, reducing the need for on-site inspection.
Excellent acoustic and fire performance
  • Added mass in the slab for enhanced vibration and acoustic performance.
  • Fire ratings to 180 minutes with a 120mm slab.
Safer manual handling
  • With a cover width of 600mm, and the lap configuration improves handling on site.

*Spans are calculated using ComFlor software. In some situations the span may be able to be greater than those indicated. ComFlor software should always be used to determine the spanning capacity and design requirements of ComFlor for the slab.

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