ComFlor Offers a Sound Solution for Midfloors

ComFlor has been used in many strategic projects where acoustics have been an important aspect in the design assessment. The ComFlor bare slab contributes to acoustic dampening between living spaces.

An economic approach is to incorporate a ceiling system with combinations of different ceiling spaces, acoustic batting and ceiling linings. To resist flanking between living spaces, one can use a ComFlor acoustic end cap and create a solid concrete haunch across the beam top flange. The ComFlor acoustic end cap is an extension of the standard end cap as can be seen in the second photograph in the image gallery above.

This solution has been used in several projects, including Novotel Auckland Airport, Madden Stage 1 Auckland, University of Auckland, and the Pullman Hotel.

The ComFlor SR profile provides a near-solid concrete slab with minimal loss in acoustic performance due to the re-entrant dovetails incorporated in the profile. The profile shape of ComFlor SR has been carefully designed to provide the advantages of the re-entrant shape (ability to use hanger wedges and increased profile strength) and enhanced acoustic and fire performance.