Sheetmetal Custom Solutions

Customised sheetmetal solutions to perfectly fit your project. 

Our in-house sheetmetal fabrication specialist service offers you the widest range of customised products available in the industry, so that we can meet all your project requirements to save you time and money going to multiple suppliers. 

With over 28 years of experience, our skilled craftsman ensures the highest quality workmanship and has access to our full range of materials to offer the most effective solutions for your projects. 



  • Specialised custom curved flashings including: caps, barge and ridging 
  • Rainwater heads 
  • Span breakers for use in clear sheeting 
  • Saddles 
  • Welded aluminum flashings 
  • Welded cricket flashings

Download the Sheetmetal Custom Solutions update.



To make an order or discuss your requirements, contact us on 0800 427 663