Annual Reports

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2017 Annual Report

Steel & Tube has made significant progress on the journey to transform into a modern and innovative company with unique capabilities, an unrivalled product range and a nationwide footprint. Steel & Tube Limited reported revenue of $511.4 million, Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) of $31.1 million and a Net Profit After Tax of $20 million for the FY17 financial year ended 30 June 2017.

2017 Annual Report - Online digital version

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2016 Shareholder Review - Online digital version

This is a digital flipbook version of S&T’s 2015 Shareholder Review. Click on the link to read the Review online, zoom in and out of the text and pictures.

2016 Shareholder Review - Online digital version

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2016 Shareholder Review

2016 has seen several challenges for Steel & Tube, but the company has again demonstrated resilience and strength. The One Company rejuvenation has been the cornerstone of Steel & Tube’s strategy for the last five years. As a result, the company’s operating model, values, customer service philosophy and brand have undergone significant changes.

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2016 Financial Report

Steel & Tube has posted a record revenue of $516 million, a lift of three per cent over the prior year. Net profit after tax for the year improved by 20.4 per cent to reach $25.8 million and reflects a $6.4 million one-off contribution from the Auckland property sale of Bowden Road. The company strategy executed over recent years has positioned Steel & Tube well, as illustrated by this year’s performance despite the challenges. 

PDF icon S&T_Financial_Report_2016.pdf

2015 Shareholder Review - Online digital version

This is a digital flipbook version of S&T’s 2015 Shareholder Review. Click on the link to read the Review online, zoom in and out of the text and pictures and watch a series of videos that are embedded within it. The videos feature S&T’s new, purpose-built operations at Palmerston North, Highbrook and Savill Drive, our reticulation offerings and our involvement in the stunning stainless steel façade of the Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth.

2015 Shareholder Review - Online digital version

PDF icon S&T_Shareholders_Review_2015.pdf

2015 Shareholder Review

The year has seen S&T press ahead with a strategy of consolidating its position in existing markets and growth through acquisitions.  The company now trading since April 2014 as S&T Stainless continues to perform and achieve in line with expectations.   We are also pleased to welcome our recent acquisitions: MSL and Aquaduct.

PDF icon S&T_Shareholders_Review_2015.pdf

2015 Financial Report

S&T has continued its upward trajectory, reporting a 20% improvement in Group net profit to $21.4 million.   The results provide tangible evidence of the Company's ongoing reinvestment strategy, strengthening its core business and delivering on its promise of operational and processing excellence 

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2014 Shareholder Review

Steel & Tube continues to deliver solid year-on-year improvements. While the uplift in economic activity has clearly helped, the Company continues to make positive gains across many parts of the business. The company continues to invest for the future, leveraging its strong balance sheet. 

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2014 Financial Report

For the year ended 2014 Steel & Tube Holdings Limited reported a Group net profit after tax of $17.9 million. This compares to a profit of $15.6 million after tax last year - an increase of 14.7 per cent. Earnings per share were 20.4 cents, compared to 17.8 cents for the last year.

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2013 Shareholder Review

Steel & Tube Holdings Limited reported a Group net profit of $15.6 million for the 2013 financial year, up 19% from last year. Earnings per share also rose by 19% to finish at 17.8 cents. 

As these results indicate, despite flat economic conditions, the business continues to perform well. Steel & Tube has a strong record of quality earnings, increasing dividends and year-on-year profit growth. Steel & Tube’s return to the New Zealand Stock Exchange’s top 50 listed companies – the NZX 50 – also reflects the business’s on-going performance. 

PDF icon S&T_2013_Shareholders_Review.pdf