Shareholder Reports

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1996 Half Yearly Report

1995 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Record Profit: Net profit after tax of $27.4 million. Dividends: A final dividend of 20 cents per ordinary share recommended bringing total payment over 12 month period to 40 cents per share, an effective 25% increase from 1994. Increase in Sales: A 12% increase in sales from $299.8 million to $335.7 million. Customer Service: Robt Stone achieved certification to ISO 9001 and Merchandising Division achieved certification to ISO 9002. Export Opportunities: Further development of export opportunities in South East Asia.

1994 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Net Profit: Net profit after tax of $26.3 million*. Final Dividend: Final dividend of 15 cents per ordinary shares recommended, bringing a total payment for 15 month period to 40 cents per share. Increase in Sales: a 33% increase in sales from $275 million to $367 million*. Operating Expenses: Operating Expenses: Operating Expenses contained. Customer Service: Customer service enhanced through the upgrading of service centres and investment in new processing equipment. New Export Opportunities: Development of new opportunities for Robt Stone in South East Asia.

1993 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: APRIL 1992: Acquisition of the Stewart Steel steel merchandising branches. Sale of the ordinary shares in New Zealand Steel Limited. JUNE: Acquisition of Taylor Industries steel roofing and cladding operations. AUGUST: Acquisition by Motorcorp Holdings Limited of Jaguar wholesale cars and parts franchise for New Zealand. OCTOBER: Sale of the four remaining trading businesses of MacEwans Machinery. DECEMBER: Acquisition by Motorcorp Holdings Limited of Archibald and Shorter, Auckland, retailer of Jaguar cars.

1992 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: The profit after tax of $8.0m was 91% ahead of last year’s profit before extraordinary items of $4.2m. This result was achieved despite a 12% drop in sales from $286m to $251m. Although sales in steel merchandising were lower, an improved profit was earned. The contracting operations also had higher earnings, mainly due to a lift in Robt Stone’s performance. Motorcorp Holdings Limited (50% owned) had an unprofitable year, which is a reflection of the prevailing state of the car market.