Annual Reports

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2001 Annual Report

On a comparative basis, net profit after tax increased by 11.6%. Earnings per share increased by 13% to 17 cents. Dividends per share increased by 23% to 16 cents. Coil processing operations enhanced by acquisition of DJ Agencies. $9 million reduction in inventories. Significant increase in profit contribution from steel distribution and processing.

PDF icon 2001_AR.pdf

2000 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Profit: The after tax profit showed an increase of over 300% when compared to last year. Canadian operations substantially increased sales and earnings. Dividend: Payment of 13 cents in comparison to last year of 8 cents. Successful integration of existing Roofing operations with recently acquired BHP Steel Building Products New Zealand Limited. Internet Business: First steel distribution business anywhere to operate solely through electronic commerce.PDF icon 2000_AR.pdf

1999 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Divesting of Engineering Operations. Acquisition of BHP Steel Building Products New Zealand Ltd. This will enhance our established Roofing Business. A J Forsyth & Company Limited: Further operational efficiencies obtained in a very difficult trading environment. Steel Distribution & Processing: Increased sales and market share for value added products in South Island. Metal Fastening operations showed improved results over the year. Continued improvement shown in the Group’s Health and Safety Record.PDF icon 1999_AR.pdf

1998 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Steel Distribution and Processing: Increased volumes for value-added products from Coil Processing and Plate Service Centres. A J Forsyth & Company Limited: Achieved significant improvement in profit for the year. Reinforcing and Fabrication: Record profits earned for the period. Obtained certification to ISO 9002. Health and Safety: Further improvement in the Group’s safety record during the period.PDF icon 1998_AR.pdf

1997 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Health and Safety: Achieved significant improvement in the Group’s safety record during the period. Bonus Issue: A Taxable Bonus Issue of one ordinary share for each ordinary share on issue at 12 September 1997. Steel Distribution and Processing: Auckland operations of Steel and Tube and Metal Sales relocated to new purpose-built facilities in East Tamaki. Engineering and Fabrication: Southern Cross Hamilton moved to larger and more efficient leased premises. Reinforcing and Fabrication: Record profits earned for the period.PDF icon 1997_AR.pdf

1996 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Acquisitions: A 51% interest acquired in November 1995 of steel distributor, A J Forsyth & Company Limited, based in British Columbia. In February 1996, the rollforming assets of Metalform (Dannevirke) Limited were purchased. Purchase of Christchurch based Southern Cross Engineering Holdings Limited in April 1996. Relocations: Stewart Steel Christchurch and Fastening Systems Auckland were relocated to new purpose-built leased premises. Employee Shares: The Company’s employees were invited to participate in a Fourth Offer of shares in July 1995.

PDF icon 1996_AR.pdf

1995 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Record Profit: Net profit after tax of $27.4 million. Dividends: A final dividend of 20 cents per ordinary share recommended bringing total payment over 12 month period to 40 cents per share, an effective 25% increase from 1994. Increase in Sales: A 12% increase in sales from $299.8 million to $335.7 million. Customer Service: Robt Stone achieved certification to ISO 9001 and Merchandising Division achieved certification to ISO 9002. Export Opportunities: Further development of export opportunities in South East Asia.PDF icon 1995_AR.pdf

1994 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: Net Profit: Net profit after tax of $26.3 million*. Final Dividend: Final dividend of 15 cents per ordinary shares recommended, bringing a total payment for 15 month period to 40 cents per share. Increase in Sales: a 33% increase in sales from $275 million to $367 million*. Operating Expenses: Operating Expenses: Operating Expenses contained. Customer Service: Customer service enhanced through the upgrading of service centres and investment in new processing equipment. New Export Opportunities: Development of new opportunities for Robt Stone in South East Asia.PDF icon 1994_AR.pdf

1993 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: APRIL 1992: Acquisition of the Stewart Steel steel merchandising branches. Sale of the ordinary shares in New Zealand Steel Limited. JUNE: Acquisition of Taylor Industries steel roofing and cladding operations. AUGUST: Acquisition by Motorcorp Holdings Limited of Jaguar wholesale cars and parts franchise for New Zealand. OCTOBER: Sale of the four remaining trading businesses of MacEwans Machinery. DECEMBER: Acquisition by Motorcorp Holdings Limited of Archibald and Shorter, Auckland, retailer of Jaguar cars.

PDF icon 1993_AR.pdf

1992 Annual Report

HIGHLIGHTS: The profit after tax of $8.0m was 91% ahead of last year’s profit before extraordinary items of $4.2m. This result was achieved despite a 12% drop in sales from $286m to $251m. Although sales in steel merchandising were lower, an improved profit was earned. The contracting operations also had higher earnings, mainly due to a lift in Robt Stone’s performance. Motorcorp Holdings Limited (50% owned) had an unprofitable year, which is a reflection of the prevailing state of the car market. Although economic conditions during the year were difficult, there are signs of some recovery.PDF icon 1992_AR.pdf